Olivi Nursery, Fairfield, California
Olive Tree Clones

During 35 years of research, which included studies with all known propagating techniques, and having evaluated the results with consideration to the health of plants, reproduction of exact DNA, time and costs involved, propagation in Perlite under heated humidified tunnels was chosen as the best one to use. This method allows to propagate 1,200 plants per square yard.

Olive Tree Cuttings in Perlite

Well cared for and healthy mother plants are needed. The cuttings come out from the healthiest and thoroughly inspected fruit bearing branches. This, together with a sterile environment, guaranties healthy and fast producing plants in the field!

After rooting is achieved, the cuttings are placed to harden in a less humid habitat and in cells with a mixture of peat moss and perlite for hardening.

Cuttings in Final Pot for Growth and Shipment
After a short time the hardened cuttings are planted in the final pot for growth and the shipment.

All our plants are inspected and certified by our County Biologist for General Health and for any Requirement of the receiving County.
Cuttings for Clones

Cloning Tunnel

Propagation Tunnel