Olivi Nursery, Fairfield California
Favolosa Olive Branch
Umberto Chironi Lubelli, owner of Olivi Nursery

Umberto Chironi Lubelli, is the founder and Owner of Olivi Nursery LLC. He was born and raised in Puglia, the main olive-producing region of Italy, where he managed his family olive orchards. He started working in the California olive industry in 1994 to continue his family tradition of farming olive trees and producing olive oil.

Olivi Nursery was opened in 2004 and has provided California olive growers and landscapers with top varieties and great trees since then.

The Nursery’s goal is to provide to the Agricultural and Landscape Industries the best varieties and the healthiest plants. This starts by being very selective of the varieties and trees we choose to deal with.

For the Agricultural Industry, we work directly with Professor Giuseppe Fontanaza who for years, before retiring, was the Director of the C.N.R/I.R.O. (the Italian Government Olive Research Center).

Professor Fontanazza

Professor Fontanazza, while working at the Center, developed olive farming techniques which innovated the world olive industry and he developed the parallels Genetic Lines that we offer to the S-H-D sector.

Olivi Nursery keeps a tight connection with the Professor, who is still very active in research of Technologies, Innovations and Genetic Lines for the Olive Industry.