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Olivi Nursery, Fairfield California

Super High Density Farming [S-H-D] is the most innovative method of farming olive trees. Farming intensively speeds up the production of the orchard. Low vigor cultivars, which can stay short to the ground for many years, are the main requirement for this type of farming. Super High Density Farming is very effective and it is the future of the industry, its only limitation is that at this point only a handful of varieties meet the low vigor required. Farmers seeking to differentiate in unique production, and aim to achieve a very high quality product, need to diversify with as many S-H-D varieties as possible, and in some cases include traditional varieties. The inclusion of tradition varieties in an S-H-D orchard can be done in perimeters or sections. Researchers are continuously crossbreeding varieties with the goal of achieving more low vigor varieties producing the highest quality oils.

Great olive oil can come only from great cultivars!
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