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Olivi Nursery, Fairfield, California

Olive Farming, is very ancient and over the course of millenniums each farming area has developed different techniques and methods, therefore Traditional Farming is comprised of hundreds of different methods. Today they all have one common great advantage, and one common great disadvantage.

In Traditional Farming there is a huge selection of varieties, which is an extremely important factor to the health of the olive industry. Availability of varietal selection is important for differentiation of the final product - the Oil.

Traditional Farming, even if in some cases can be considered beautiful, is inefficient and too costly! The most modern method of this category is the "Semi-Intensive" which is the most efficient and least costly one.

  • Very Old Traditional Olive Tree
  • Traditional Olive Orchard
  • Olive Orchard
  • Semi Intensive Olive Orchard
  • Semi Intensive Olive Orchard
  • Traditional Farming of Olive Orchard
  • Processing Olives from the Picking
  • Young Semi Intensive Olive Orchard
  • Beautiful Traditional Olive Orchard
  • Traditional Hand Picking Olives
  • Traditional Olive Tree Farm Equipment